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Richard Collyer

I have worked with Ian over the last year and during that time Ian has delivered four very successful training courses and undertaken a number of consultancy assignments. Ian’s work has also been very good, he has proved to be a very good technical trainer who has the ability to clarify and explain the most difficult concepts, in a very easily understood way. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian…

Dima Haydar

I have gotten to know Ian, as an expert in Quality Management, while he was providing a number of training sessions in Quality Management and ISO 17025 accreditation for the team of Oil Installations Laboratories in Lebanon.


Ian is an excellent trainer. He has professional credentials and credibility of the trainer. His excellent command of the subject of quality management and ISO 17025, his clear way of conveying the message, in a simplified but interesting way, and his great communication skills has made the training an enjoyable experience for the whole team.


Ian has a pleasant personality to top it all and a great deal of knowledge on many other subjects.


I highly recommend the work of Ian, both as a trainer and a consultant…

Gloria Hanna

Ian is an extremely effective communicator with a keen understanding of the quality systems and specially ISO 17025.

I had the pleasure to attend many trainings that he delivered and I appreciate fis outstanding presentation skills. Each of his presentations demonstrates his depth of understanding, his clarity and his teaching skills along with an entertaining charisma…

Julia Searle

Ian is the most sophisticated and technical person I know. We have always had an excellent working relationship…

Angela Gisby

We engaged Ian Edwards to guide us through the process of obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certification. Ian was quick to understand the nature of our business and his deep experience was evident in the advice he gave and the way in which he got us thinking about our approach to quality management. After the initial consultation he remained close to us and was always ready to clarify issues and answer questions. He provided practical help with the logistics of the application and on stage 1 day he got in touch to wish us luck.

We are now well on the way to obtaining certification, thanks to the professional and friendly service provided by Ian. I would not hesitate to approach him on any quality issue, nor to recommend his services. He is a true asset. Many thanks again Ian!

Joanne Voychick

Grafton Services originally took Mr. Ian Edwards on to be our advisor when applying for ISO 9001 and 14001 because from the first instance he seemed like a kind, genuine and honest person and we were happy to work with someone who’s character shone through to achieve these standards.


Over these two years, whilst working with Ian on a close contact basis, we have found that not only our original assumptions of him were true but we found many more qualities such as determination, drive and perseverance, which have helped to accomplish ISO 9001 and work towards 14001. All these aspects allow the whole company to feel more confident in achieving and maintaining these standards.


The service Ian provides is always executed on time and found to be of a very high standard. He has not only helped us with regards to our standards but also he has put us in contact with some highly trusted contacts when we have needed their services.


I feel that he has also educated and inspired us with all his knowledge and past experiences in various business sectors.


All in all I can say that we are extremely happy to have decided to take on Mr. Ian Edwards as our advisor and we have not only found ourselves a long term business partner but a true friend as well.

Helen Colechin

I recently referred a client to Ian, Havard Quality Solutions as they had identified a need for a simple customer complaints procedure. He immediately contacted the client and made an appointment to meet with them and to offer his assistance.


The work was quickly undertaken and I am pleased to advise that the client has given the following feedback: Fantastic man, great turn around and a clear model to work with! Thank you Ian!


It is great to know I can refer Havard Quality Solutions to my clients and contacts with confidence…

Leanne Halson

We instructed Ian to act as a consultant to guide us through gaining accreditation to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 standards in 2010. The knowledge and expertise of ISO ‘lingo’ that Ian offered can only be remarked as being ‘priceless’. Ian quickly got to grips with how our business runs and worked alongside us to write our QMS to achieve accreditation with absolutely ZERO non-conformances which is virtually unheard of!


We are very happy with our new systems and have already started to reap the benefits in providing stronger levels of customer service and our success in winning tenders within our market has increased substantially with ISO accreditation in place.


We would strongly recommend Havard to any business looking to gain ISO accreditation.

Gary Streets

We called upon Ian’s services to upgrade and re-write our entire ISO9001 certification. We found Ian to have a vast knowledge of the requirements needed to upgrade our Quality and Procedure manuals. What Ian produced exceded our expectations. We have no hesitation in recommending Ian for any quality consultancy requirements you may have.

Paul Craddock

Ian has made a big impact on our company. His knowledge and delivery are well suited to our operation, although I am certain Ian can change this at will to suit his client! If you are looking for help in the quality arena, I urge you to consider Ian. I rate Ian very highly.