Joanne Voychick

Grafton Services originally took Mr. Ian Edwards on to be our advisor when applying for ISO 9001 and 14001 because from the first instance he seemed like a kind, genuine and honest person and we were happy to work with someone who’s character shone through to achieve these standards.


Over these two years, whilst working with Ian on a close contact basis, we have found that not only our original assumptions of him were true but we found many more qualities such as determination, drive and perseverance, which have helped to accomplish ISO 9001 and work towards 14001. All these aspects allow the whole company to feel more confident in achieving and maintaining these standards.


The service Ian provides is always executed on time and found to be of a very high standard. He has not only helped us with regards to our standards but also he has put us in contact with some highly trusted contacts when we have needed their services.


I feel that he has also educated and inspired us with all his knowledge and past experiences in various business sectors.


All in all I can say that we are extremely happy to have decided to take on Mr. Ian Edwards as our advisor and we have not only found ourselves a long term business partner but a true friend as well.

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