Quality management expertise helps new Lebanese standards institution develop national framework

The challenge: Libnor has been set up as the National Standards Institution in Lebanon, yet it lacks the expertise to define standards or assess a suitable accrediting body for its own certification.


The solution: We are providing ongoing consultancy to help Libnor develop their national standards and create a domestic kite-mark scheme. Part of the process is to find an international accrediting body to verify the standards Libnor creates: we are applying our international accreditation and tendering expertise to identify the most suitable body


The benefits: Libnor is getting the assistance it needs to develop a framework that will enable it to run effective national standards across all products and services to improve the experience for Lebanese customers and give domestic companies the chance to compete more effectively in the global market.


Services supplied:


  • Quality standard development
  • Document preparation
  • Finding appropriate international accreditation body

have worked with Ian over the last year and during that time Ian has delivered four very successful training courses and undertaken a number of consultancy assignments. Ian’s work has also been very good, he has proved to be a very good technical trainer who has the ability to clarify and explain the most difficult concepts, in a very easily understood way. I have no hesitation in recommending Ian…

Richard Collyer, Resident Adviser, Contracted to BSI for a Twinning Project
June 2014